Family Advocacy Programs Military Essay

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The Department of Defense was mandated within the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act of 1974 to establish policy and practice to address domestic violence and child maltreatment. The department issued a directive, DD 6400.1, to establish practices relative to prevention, response, intervention, and treatment. The department and the services established programs collectively referenced as the Family Advocacy Program (FAP) within the Office of Family Policy.

The FAP is a command support program responsible for ensuring victim safety, access to support and advocacy services, and appropriate intervention and treatment for abusers. FAP coordinates activities among command, law enforcement, medical personnel, family centers, and victim advocates.

FAP provides a wide array of services including training for command and personnel, identification of domestic violence and child maltreatment, intervention services for victims and abusers, support services to victims, and treatment for abusers. The dual responsibility for safety and support services for victims conflicts with ensuring that abusers receive appropriate intervention services and treatment. Essentially, FAP handles the case from receipt of the initial report through case closure.

FAP staff include clinically licensed professionals trained in family violence. Victim advocates authorized by the U.S. Congress supplement the staff and response to family violence. Victim advocates navigate the system and coordinate services for victims within the military community.

Mandatory reporting of domestic violence and child maltreatment to FAP is required of active duty military personnel, health care providers, and others. FAP is mandated to coordinate the military community response to such reports. FAP may also engage civilian organizations and agencies in such efforts.


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